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Content management system (CMS)

A CMS is an online application that allows individuals to better manage their website content, without prior knowledge of coding or design principles. Web content is updated and formatted using a familiar text editor, similar to word processing programs.

We create most of the university’s websites within a set of standard templates that are fully accessible, AODA-compliant and aligned with our brand guidelines, using a CMS.

Using a universal approach to web design ensures that we effectively communicate our message and brand while providing website visitors with a consistent user experience. 

Benefits of using the university’s CMS include:

  • Opportunity for content editors to preview fully their websites before publishing changes to a live audience.
  • Implement workflows that enable an approval process for pages and content to ensure to ensure accuracy, professionalism and consistency.
  • Access to previous versions of web pages including deleted pages.
  • Access to all public assets (e.g. documents and images) to reduce content duplication. 
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