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Production services

We offer:

  • Custom requests: Assistance with customized marketing materials (e.g. a communications package for an event or specific audience, design of a trade show booth, a certificate holder or other unique materials).
  • Production: Co-ordination of all aspects of your project to help ensure it runs smoothly and is completed on time and on budget.
  • Print: Access to strong vendor relationships with organizations familiar with the university’s brand and colour standards. We work with expert vendors who are also able to uphold our brand standards and adjust costs while working within individual project budgets.
  • Quality assurance: We expect high quality from our vendors regardless of project timing or a reduction in costs due to budget restrictions. As such, we monitor all work so projects are executed efficiently and with a high level of quality on behalf of our clients.
  • Vendor sourcing: As the printing industry continues to change, so do the needs of the university. We foster and maintain relationships with vendors who can deliver products quickly, yet meet required standards.
  • Value: Maintaining long-term relationships with vendors enables us to benefit from discounts so clients can receive high-quality materials within their budget. This includes agreements such as the Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace, a not-for-profit corporation, whose mandate is to support collaborative purchasing for Ontario's publicly funded education sector.
  • Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) standards: We adhere to all required AODA standards and ensure our work is AODA compliant.
  • Environmental standards: Working closely with colleagues from the Office of Campus Infrastructure and Sustainability, we work with vendors that adhere to the highest environmental standards. For us to select the most responsible organizations, materials and processes, we remain informed about sustainable industry practices to identify and avoid organizations taking part in ‘greenwashing’ (e.g. a term used to describe a company that promotes inaccurate information to generate an environmentally responsible public image). We also source locally whenever possible, to support the local economy and help to reduce the university’s environmental footprint.

May we suggest:

  1. Visit Brand Central and review the related guidelines and tools
  2. Contact us with any related questions
  3. Submit your Project Initiation Form (PIF)
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