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Project management

We assist our clients with their communications and marketing goals. This includes helping to:

  • determine needs
  • plan projects
  • outline deliverables
  • develop methods to achieve measurable success

Before you begin any new initiative, we ask that you consider the following:

  • Learn about our brand as well as how we share our story with the world. This includes logo and brand standards, templates, assets, writing guidelines, editorial and web style guides, event co-ordination information and access to sample materials.
  • The fundamental aspects of your project and its components. For example:
    • What is the purpose of your project and what do you hope to achieve?
    • What are your objectives and how will you meet them?
    • Who is involved in your project? What are their roles and responsibilities?
    • Who is your target audience(s)?
    • What is your projected timeline?
    • What is your budget?
  • Consult the Estimated Completion Timelines Chart to ensure you allow enough time for us to provide services/assist with the creation of materials that are high-quality, accurate and delivered on time.
  • Connect with us well in advance to discuss your project.

May we suggest:

  1. Visit Brand Central and review the related guidelines and tools
  2. Contact us with any related questions
  3. Submit your Project Initiation Form (PIF)
Project Initiation Form Brand Central