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Social media

Social media provides a fun, free, creative and personal way to connect with individuals from many different audiences.

Social media increases access to, and awareness of, the excellent research, teaching, learning and community outreach conducted at the university. Faculty members can also use social media to enhance the classroom experience for students (e.g. stream events through Facebook live or connect with other groups for discussion).

Incorporating social media engagement into the university’s overall communications portfolio enables us to more effectively tell compelling stories from across our vibrant campus, engage in conversations with others about the excellent opportunities available at the university, and support our motto to challenge, innovate and connect.

Specifically, social media can help us:

  • advance knowledge
  • build support
  • collaborate on new ideas
  • create and nurture relationships
  • participate in important conversations
  • raise awareness
  • share information

Want to initiate your own social media channel? We can help with that!

May we suggest:

  1. Visit Brand Central and review the related guidelines and tools
  2. Contact us with any related questions
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