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Payment forms

Working with the Finance department, we’ve developed a system for accepting online credit card payments for university-initiated events. This is the preferred and recommended method for collecting payments for events planned by employees and held at the university. 

We develop and manage online payment forms, and the Finance department manages the allocation of funds, including refunds.

Payment form features include:

  • Automatic scheduling and submission limits.
  • Conditional logic (e.g. to show or hide fields depending on a previous response).
  • Confirmation email receipts, which can include custom messages and information.
  • Secure payment collection (since credit card information isn’t stored, transactions are processed on the service provider’s website).
  • Submission notifications and admin log-in area to view and download all submissions in a spreadsheet format.

Important notes about online payment forms:

  • The service provider charges a processing fee for each transaction. The Finance department deducts this percentage from the total amount collected before allocating funds to the appropriate account so be sure to consider this percentage when determining event/item costs.
  • HST will be deducted from the total amount deposited in your account unless otherwise instructed by the Finance department.
  • Only Visa and MasterCard are accepted.
To request a payment form, submit a Project Initiation form. You will need your fund, organization and account numbers for the collected payments. Please contact your Finance department representative if you are unsure of what account number to use.
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